Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us and that means that homeowners are facing even more potential electrical dangers as they begin decorating trees, hanging lights, and using more power than throughout the year. Although this is the most joyful time of the year, things can get dangerous if you are not careful. Use the tips below to ensure your holiday safety this season!

Inspect Decorations

Before installing lights or decorations, inspect them to ensure they’re in good condition and free of damage. If there are frayed wires or other damage, it is time to replace the lights.

Professional Installation

Consider calling electricians washington dc for larger lighting installations. Professionals ensure safety during and after installation of lights and you gain peace of mind and comfort in a job well-done. Professional installation is affordable and makes the holiday season far less stressful.

Water the Tree

If you’ve used a real Christmas tree, keep it fresh by spraying with water daily. This ensures the tree looks great and reduces fire risk.

Candle Protection

Add extra precaution to the day when using candles. Flameless candles are now available and may provide the decor that you want without the hazards that you do not. Check out the flameless candles and add to your holiday safety.

Unplug the Lights

Your holiday lights are beautiful and you want everyone in the neighborhood to see them. However, if you are planning to be away from your home, unplug the lights and reduce risks. Make sure that you also turn lights off/unplug them before going to sleep at night. You certainly do not want to wake up to an electrical fire.

Certification on Decorations

Look for the safety certification seal on all decorations and lights that you purchase. If you do not see this seal, consider purchasing a different brand. This seal ensures the lights are safety inspected and safe to use.