A Funeral Does Not Need To Be A Somber Occasion

Two certain things in life, sad to say. It is a saying that is as old as the hills, or at least since currencies were in motion to replace the old bartering systems that everyone used to get by. Death has been inevitable since the beginning of time. The old saying which most readers here will be familiar with is that it is the payment of taxes and death that is certain. It cannot be avoided, never, ever. We all have to pay our dues.

And it is a somber occasion when we fall behind. Funerals have been somber occasions too, for the better part of life. It is sad to see a loved one depart. Usually, we are the ones who mourn our own lives, wondering how we will ever cope without someone we loved and relied on, not giving much thought that that significant departed one has gone off to a better place. Those who are spiritually inclined remind us that this should be a time of rejoicing. Rejoicing or mourning, funerals remain, on the whole, traditional affairs.

A hearse leaves the church or temple and transports the coffin to the site of burial. Turn this occasion into a memorable one, mourn if you must and we rejoice you if you choose to celebrate this person’s life, by picking out a majestic coffin in keeping with that one’s personality and life. Take a good look at the ornate funeral coaches before resting your eyes on the one vehicle that suits the occasion. It can be joyously white or it can be in formal black. It does not need to stretch and it certainly should be a classic affair. And why not transport the coach by horse, why not, indeed?